Why Dancers Shouldn't Rule Out Community College

When college admissions season rolls around, many dancers have their sights set on big-name universities. But a four-year institution isn’t the only way to get a good dance education. Though sometimes overlooked, community colleges can offer quality dance instruction that’s on par with the first two years of a university. The Perks 1. Smaller class […]

These College Auditions Shelled Out Millions in Scholarships Last Year

Dancing in college is undoubtedly expensive, but these two events allow you to audition for scholarships from multiple programs at once. Dancewave’s Dancing Through College & Beyond Photo by Linneah Anders, Courtesy Dancewave This fair’s scholarship auditions give high school seniors exposure to college reps from across the country. In 2017, 65 percent of the […]

What To Look For in a College Ballet Program

Can’t choose between college and a professional ballet career? It’s possible to have both! (Four artistic directors told us so.) But this path comes with extra challenges. The university you choose can make all the difference. So how do you find the right program? Gillian Murphy guest coaching at University of North Carolina School of […]

Considering College in Europe? Here's What You Should Know

It’s not uncommon for college dancers to immerse themselves in a new culture for a semester abroad. But what about for their entire four years? Though it’s not a path many prospective students consider, it’s one that comes with major benefits—if you’re up for a different kind of college experience. Q: How are European dance […]

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