3 dancers huddled downstage with other dancers dressed in black costumes surrounding them

Is Lip-Syncing a Do or Don’t for Competitive Dancers?

Facial expressions are a big part of competitive dance performances, and what dancers should be doing with their mouths onstage has long been a matter of great debate. Many teachers, choreographers, and judges are staunchly against lip-syncing of any kind, while others believe that it can be a light-hearted, appropriate form of expression.

a dancer performing a layout wearing black mesh tights and white button down shirt

How Their Years as “Comp Kids” Helped 3 Pros Land Broadway Shows

Dancing across a hotel ballroom in small-town America seems a world away from performing on Broadway, but for some students, competitions and conventions are an important step toward realizing that dream. Skills honed at these events—the ability to quickly learn choreography in a wide range of styles and perform it immediately afterward—are valuable in securing work in musical theater.

female dancers wearing black leotards, blonde girl looks jealous

How to Manage Comparison and Jealousy in the Studio

Jealousy and the dance competition world go hand in hand—dancers from one studio are pitted against those from another as they strive for the same awards and recognition, creating the perfect conditions for envy to flourish. But sometimes, jealousy strikes among dancers from the same studio or team.

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