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Woman in exercise gear standing in a row holding dumbbells during an exercise class at the gym.Fitness training with kettlebell in sport gym.

7 Reasons Why Kettlebells Rock for Dancers’ Fitness—and How to Use Them

Dancers know that choosing the right cross-training methods can improve their performance and increase the longevity of their careers. But as sports training has evolved, there are more options than ever. So what’s your best bet? If you’re looking to improve your level of fitness and want to see that carry over into your dancing, […]

8 Ways to Make Your Cross-Training More Efficient

Think about what’s on your plate. “If you are working on a Limón piece with floorwork, you might want to focus on core and knee/hip strength,” says Pilates teacher and dance-science specialist Sutton Anker. “If the piece demands stamina, put your cardio conditioning first.” And if your rep covers a range of work, then Anker […]

Try ABT Dancer Kathryn Boren's Go-To Home Workout

In her spare time, American Ballet Theatre corps member Kathryn Boren moonlights as a personal trainer. Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, she trains fellow ABT dancers and also teaches a weekly Conditioning for Dancers class. While everyone is isolating inside, Boren shared her go-to home workout with Dance Magazine.