High-Cut Leotards, Aerobics and Zoom Rehearsals: Choreographer Jennifer Hamilton on Apple TV+’s “Physical”

Apple TV+’s dark new comedy “Physical” delivers on exactly what the title suggests: campy 1980s aerobics à la Olivia Newton-John, complete with legwarmers, highly puffed-up hairstyles and even higher-cut leotards. The show follows Sheila, played by Rose Byrne, a downtrodden wife and mother who finds a passion for teaching aerobics. The woman behind Byrne’s hip […]

Svetlana Zakharova on Starring as a TV Host

Ballet may be a silent profession, but Svetlana Zakharova quite often appears on the stage in front of the audience with a microphone in hand. And this audience measures in the millions. For the past few years, Zakharova, in addition to her busy performance schedule as a prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theatre and an […]

Netflix’s “Tiny Pretty Things” Faces Ballet Stereotypes Head-On

The pilot of Netflix’s dance-centric series “Tiny Pretty Things”—based on the YA novel by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton—will leave you breathless. It touches on, well, everything: love, murder, racism, competition, jealousy, girl cliques, sexual experimentation, eating disorders. And the intricate plot is propelled by equally breathtaking ballet sequences. Here are the basics of that […]

“P-Valley” Star Brandee Evans Brings Legit Dance Chops to the Show

Brandee Evans owes her dance career to one triple pirouette she turned as a high school senior. The actress and dancer was auditioning for the University of Memphis dance team. A full scholarship was on the line, and without it, she couldn’t afford the university. Evans spent hours practicing on the concrete floor of her […]

Meet the Star of Quibi's Show Combining Floral Design With Dance

You may know Maurice Harris from his Bloom & Plume floral designs and recent Microsoft commercials, or maybe you frequent his Bloom & Plume coffee shop in Los Angeles. Most recently, Harris hosts “Centerpiece” on Quibi, and it’s hard to miss him dancing his way through the series. Harris took his first dance class as […]

Meet the First Native American Dance Group to Appear on "World of Dance"

Now in its fourth season, NBC’s “World of Dance” has showcased many types of dance. “They’ve had styles from Mexico, China, Africa, break dancers, salsa dancers,” says Kenneth Shirley, founder of Phoenix-based troupe Indigenous Enterprise. But until last night, the show had neglected to feature America’s oldest homegrown dance traditions, those of Native American tribes. […]

Mindy Kaling's New Netflix Show Features a Massive Dance Number

Most of the time when we see Bollywood dance in movies or on TV, it’s a pretty distant appropriation of the real thing. “It’s just fun and lively and energetic and colors and sequins—people are just spinning and making up hand gestures that look kind of Indian,” says Bollywood choreographer Joya Kazi, who’s trained in […]

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