What Actually Happens to Your Body When You Dance After Skipping Meals

Dancing on an empty stomach is like skipping a warm-up before class or going onstage with no rehearsal: It might seem like a shortcut, but it’ll seriously mess with your performance. There are some valid reasons why dancers get into this habit. For starters, it can be uncomfortable or nauseating to work out at a […]

Doctors on Demand: A Dancer's Guide to Telehealth

These days, dancers can livestream everything from Graham technique classes to pointe shoe fittings without ever leaving home. But is it safe to get your doctor’s appointments on demand? “Telehealth” or “telemedicine” is essentially what happens anytime you use electronic communication—video chats, emails and patient portals—to get health care. Instead of seeing a doctor IRL, […]

The 5 Tools Every Dancer Should Have in Their Kitchen

Without jam-packed rehearsal schedules, we’re all cooking from home a little more these days. Which can be a great thing: Setting aside time to prep, cook and taste your meals increases your appreciation of food—which also helps to slow you down and regulate your portions. To enjoy the time you spend cooking, it helps to […]

Are These 4 Coffee Trends Worth Trying?

When you’re toggling between morning classes and late-night performances, coffee can become a dancer’s best friend. Fortunately, recent research has found multiple nutritional benefits to coffee, suggesting it’s helpful not only for that well-known energy boost, but also for lowering the risk of everything from type 2 diabetes to depression. What there’s not yet enough […]

Does Your Intermission Snack Strategy Need an Update?

“Balance” is a frequent buzzword in meal planning. But when it comes to the best energy-boosting snacks to squeeze between Nutcracker acts, an expert’s advice might surprise you. “This isn’t the time for nutrition,” says Heidi Skolnik, nutritionist for professional dancers and athletes from Broadway to the NBA. “This is about fueling. It’s functional.” The […]

When Should Dancers Hydrate with More than Water?

It’s hour three of an intense rehearsal, you’re feeling mentally foggy and exhausted, and your stomach hurts. Did you know the culprit could be something as simple as dehydration? Proper hydration helps maintain physical and mental function while you’re dancing, and keeps your energy levels high. But with so many products on the market promising […]

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