How Complexions' Maxfield Haynes Is Celebrating Pride & Supporting BLM

With performances on pause, Complexions Contemporary Ballet’s Maxfield Haynes is back home in Louisville, Kentucky. While they’re catching up on Netflix and doing Zoom classes like most dancers sheltering in place, over the past month, the Black, nonbinary ballet dancer has also been taking to the streets, using drag “as a tool for political action” […]

The Music, Books and TV Shows Getting Sara Mearns Through Quarantine

Sara Mearns is usually everywhere. If she’s not dancing with her home company, New York City Ballet, she’s working on musical theater projects with her husband Joshua Bergasse, commissioning work from downtown choreographers, embodying modern masters like Cunningham and Duncan, collaborating with hip-hop artists or guesting at the opera. And when she’s not dancing, she’s […]

Everything Harper Watters Is Reading, Watching, Listening to and Laughing at Right Now

Yes, Harper Watters has literally become famous for his intense love of Beyoncé. (And, you know, his incredible dancing, style and advocacy for the LGBTQ community.) But if you think Watters just listens to Beyoncé and watches “RuPaul’s Drag Race” all day, you’re…half wrong. His taste—true to his gregarious personality—is eclectic, thoughtful and sometimes surprising. […]

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