From YouTube to Instagram, Here's What's Keeping Alex Wong Entertained During Lockdown

May 19, 2020

Sometimes it feels like Alex Wong is everywhere. He constantly appears in dance scenes on our favorite TV shows and films. And he spends his free time popping up where you’d least expect him, cheekily surprising pedestrians with his ridiculous dance moves in the grocery store, at the gym and in Best Buy.

While stuck at home, he’s still filming hilarious Instagram videos. As part of our “For Your Entertainment” series, Dance Magazine found out what else is keeping him going these days when he can’t make his usual amount of mischief in public.

What he’s watching:

Hunter x Hunter” and “My Hero Academia.” I’ve binge-watched these animes. They’re so amazing and I actually restarted “Hunter x Hunter” because I missed the characters so much!

Magic for Humans.” One of the best shows on Netflix. It’s a magician named Justin and not only is he really good, he’s also really funny. Definitely puts you in a good mood.

Nailed it!” This is another one that puts you in a good mood. Basically it’s non-baker contestants that are given a ridiculous task of baking a very elaborate cake in a very short amount of time. They turn out awful and it’s amazing.

I haven’t been watching a ton of movies—I usually watch them in theaters or on airplanes—but I did see Pixar’s Onward and it was pretty cute!

Who he’s following :

: He’s an incredible…acrobat? I’m not quite sure how to categorize what he does! It’s like acrobatic parkour and comedy. His stuff is amazing.

: I recently found his IG account and am stunned by his dancing. You might have seen some of his incredible pirouette videos where he does like 10, finishes on relevé and then continues to stay on relevé while he does, like, an arabesque. It’s insane.

: Pretty much the most perfect male dancer in terms of facility I have ever seen. He won the Prix de Lausanne and YAGP last year. He’s one of those dancers that you basically don’t ever want to stand next to. Ever. Hahaha. I will watch from a distance.

: A good friend of mine and he has the most amazing mind ever. I’m constantly stunned by his vision and creativity.

: This guy is part of a lion pride and he posts informative videos of himself hanging out with lions all day!

: This account basically makes fun of “influencers.” It’s pretty amazing. It’s usually footage from people who have caught influencers shooting ridiculous things in public. I really hope to make it on there one day.

What he’s listening to:

I’m not a big podcast listener but my good friend Morgan Larson has a podcast called Totally UnMorganized‘ where she chats with a lot of people in the industry. She’s super fun and has a lot of amazing guests.

In terms of music, unfortunately, it’s whatever song is trending on TikTok. And by song, I mean the 15 seconds of the song that is used on the TikTok repeated over and over again.

How he’s staying in shape:

Between some of my friends and me, we started a group where we do, in addition to our daily workouts, 100 burpees minimum every day for 30 days. When we finished the 30 days, we extended it to 60. Honestly, we’ll probably extend that too!

I’ve also been occasionally taking online ballet Zoom class with @worldwide_ballet_class, created by Diego Cruz and Ruben Martin. It’s a great environment with professional dancers and even a live pianist (thank you, David!) and a lot of amazing teachers like Julie Kent.

What he’s YouTube-ing:

I’ve been YouTube-ing Wicked videos in as many different languages as I can find! I just watched the Universal Studios Japan one the other day. It’s this mini 30-minute version of Wicked in mixed Japanese and English. It’s kinda crazy, and yet I watched the entire thing.

Also there’s a video of Tori Kelly and Demi Lovato doing an IG Live and they are singing “Stone Cold” and it’s AMAZING.

What he’s reading:

My reading has been dedicated to the HarvardX class I’m taking on The Health Effects of Climate Change.

I’ve also been Googling and trying to figure out why J. Lo did that Coin Master ad. Haha! And I discovered this amazing article about 50 interesting facts around the world.

How else he’s keeping busy:

These aren’t new hobbies but I’ve had a bit more time during quarantine to take care of home stuff. We have a couple aquariums in the apartment and so we’ve been raising fish babies. The mom gives birth every month to like 20 babies, so we’ve been raising a bunch just to see how they turn out!

Also, I had a plant wall that wasn’t working so well, so I got an entirely new system and now have a new plant wall!

A tabletop aquarium with plants and fish
One of Wong’s aquariums

Courtesy Wong