How to Use Your Time in College to Cultivate Your Artistry

Dancers spend most of their training years perfecting the mechanics of the art form—rolling through the feet when they come down from every relevé and tracking the knees over their toes in every plié. So when dancers progress in college dance programs and many corrections shift from technical ability to more individual and artistic guidance, […]

6 Tips for 2020 Grads Trying to Make It in Dance Right Now

For 2020 grads emerging from school in the wake of COVID-19, the future can feel daunting. Although the dance industry is always difficult to break into, this year unemployment has reached record levels, and chances to perform have almost completely dried up. But even though it seems like opportunities are few, there are proactive steps […]

What Does It Take for Competition Kids to Transition to College Life?

When you’ve grown up on a competition stage, the college dance scene can feel totally foreign. Many programs will ask you to try movement that’s more experimental than what you’re used to. The pace of classes might feel frustratingly slow. Yet competition dancers bring unique talents to the college classroom—as long as they’re open to […]

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