female dancer leaning forehead on barre to rest

How Under-Fueling Can Lead to RED-S—Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport

When they’re not supported properly with enough energy from food, dancers run the risk of developing RED-S, or relative energy deficiency in sport. Though the term wasn’t introduced until 2014, it’s a broadening of an older condition you may have heard of: the female athlete triad, which deals with menstrual irregularities, bone health issues and disordered eating.

Op-Ed: Please Stop Weighing Dancers

On what began as an ordinary day in early fall, I and the other dancers in my pre-professional ballet program were told that we were going to be measured by the costume shop in anticipation of our upcoming Nutcracker performances with the company. We were lined up in a hallway that led to the open […]

How April Nieves Combines Her Passions for Tap Dance and Eastern Medicine

Dancers are no strangers to multi-hyphenate careers. But a tap-dancing acupuncturist remains a rarity. April Nieves is not only the assistant director of the Boston-based tap company Subject: Matter, she is also a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and founder of The Sunny Side: Acupuncture and Healing Arts in New York City. One of the eight branches […]

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