How Dancers Can Find Comfort Despite the Stress of a Pandemic

Self-care isn’t so easy these days. Many of our go-to sources of R&R—seeing friends, taking vacations, booking spa days—aren’t quite as feasible during a pandemic. Yet looking after our mental health has never been more essential. “Especially for dancers right now, with their particular tragedy where their identity is linked to their artistic life that’s […]

The Truth About Emotional Eating

Losing yourself in a pint of ice cream after a frustrating audition. Stress baking during the COVID-19 lockdown. Most of us have experience with “emotional eating,” using food to process or distract from stress. There are scientific reasons why we turn to food for emotional support, says Marie Scioscia, a registered dietitian who works with […]

What Does It Mean to Be a Healthy Dancer?

Health, as a state of balanced being, encompasses the physical, mental and emotional realms of our livelihood. As a dietitian for dancers, my expertise focuses on using food as a tool to enhance performance and health. And while most dancers work with me to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, what is healthy for one […]

The Perfectionism Paradox: Managing the Double-Edged Sword of Drive

Crystal Nicholls had been dancing in the same musical on London’s West End for four years. In the show’s most challenging number, she says, there was a turn that led directly into a jump. One night, Nicholls made a minor mistake, falling out of the turn. Though she quickly salvaged things and still made the […]

Sara Silkin’s “LOST MIND” for L.A. Contemporary Dance

In a surrealist and deeply emotional film directed by Sara Silkin, the dancers of “LOST MIND,” Hyosun Choi and JM Rodriguez of L.A. Contemporary Dance Company, grapple with the turmoil resulting from mental illness. Although Silkin’s inspiration stemmed from her personal relationship with her father, her message has become increasingly relatable following a year defined […]

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