How to Live Alone—Without Overeating

Help! I was never a big eater until I got an apartment without a roommate. Landing a wonderful, well-paying role in a musical made it possible to move to a spacious studio with an open kitchen. So what’s with my sudden need to keep eating? —Food Junky, Queens, NY After ruling out any metabolic disorders […]

Three Thanksgiving Power Foods

It’s nearly turkey time! But first, make way for the last-minute grocery-store shuffle. If you haven’t completed your shopping yet, you’ll want to me sure these Thanksgiving staples are on your list. Not only are they tasty, but they’re great for dancers! Brussels sprouts: Whether they’re cooked in a cast-iron pan or shaved and tossed […]

Why Having Roommates May Help You Eat Healthier

Although New York City Ballet dancer Emilie Gerrity is eating her breakfast alone, she’s proactive about making healthy choices. Could her fluffy roommate be holding her accountable? Photo by Jim Lafferty for Pointe. It’s 9 pm, and you’re just getting home from rehearsal. Exhausted, you grab a meal from the freezer. You know it’s not the […]

Is There a Veggie Crisis in the U.S.?

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company member Shayla-Vie Jenkins gets creative in the kitchen with veggies. Photo by Kyle Froman for Dance Magazine. Eating a balanced diet is key to getting the nutrients you need to fuel your dancing body. But here’s something you may not have considered: Is there enough healthy food to go […]

Hungry? Jittery? Bloated? Don't Make These Pre-Performance Nutrition Mistakes

Despite how many hours dancers spend in rehearsal getting performance-ready, many overlook one last crucial detail: the show-day nutrition plan. “It’s all about preparation,” says Emily C. Harrison, a former dancer who now runs Dancer Nutrition, LLC. “To have a good performance, you give your time to rehearsals and making sure your body is in […]

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