Young woman after an ACL surgery, sitting on the couch adjusting her knee orthosis.

How Physical Injuries Can Impact Mental Health

Dancers suffering from an injury should consider emotional recovery as well as physical recovery and, if experiencing mental health challenges, seek professional help. According to Mainwaring, finding someone to confide in is key, particularly a psychologist or psychiatrist who has experience working with dancers.

male dancers being evaluated by female doctor

How to Recognize and Treat Snapping Hip Syndrome

Internal snapping hip often stems from a muscle imbalance linked with repetitive hip flexion from lifting the leg to the front, says Sarah Plumer-Holzman, a physical therapist at NYU Langone’s Harkness Center for Dance Injuries.

Haley Hilton is a young woman with fair skin and blonde hair, holding two massage tools for physical therapy.

Begin Again: Injuries—Gosh Dang It!

I would very much like to go back eight months in time and beg that naive version of myself to meet with a physical therapist before diving back into rigorous training. How I’m moving forward while managing an injury is this month’s topic.

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