Tekla Kostek holds onto a metal pole in thee dark, her legs open in a horizontal split

How Former Ballet Dancer Tekla Kostek Found a New Chapter in Pole Dance

Tekla Kostek started her career in professional ballet, dancing for Boston Ballet II and Los Angeles Chamber Ballet before branching out to dance in short films and pickup companies, teach yoga to the Los Angeles Lakers and guest-coach for “Dancing with the Stars.” But in 2013, her career found a new focus: pole dance. In […]

“P-Valley” Star Brandee Evans Brings Legit Dance Chops to the Show

Brandee Evans owes her dance career to one triple pirouette she turned as a high school senior. The actress and dancer was auditioning for the University of Memphis dance team. A full scholarship was on the line, and without it, she couldn’t afford the university. Evans spent hours practicing on the concrete floor of her […]

This Video Shatters Negative Stereotypes About Pole Dancing in Under 90 Seconds

“Weirdo. Pervert. Disgusting.” These are just a few of the insults—and the milder ones at that—often directed at pole dancers. Perhaps more than any other dancers, its practitioners are constantly fighting for recognition that they are indeed athlete artists. Now, they’re getting major support from a surprising source: Sprite. The soft drink brand recently teamed […]

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