An Iconic Summer Show Gets a Revamp to Respect Native Americans

For the first time in 84 years, this summer, “America’s longest-running outdoor symphonic drama” has stopped using redface. The Lost Colony has also promised to cast Native American roles exclusively with Indigenous people and use authentic Native American dance and music. Since last year’s Black Lives Matter protests, dance and theater organizations worldwide have pledged […]

What It’s Like Working as an Asian American in Dance

“Asian American” is a term that is inadequate to capture the breadth of diversity and experience it seeks to represent. Just as “dance” is shorthand for an endless range of styles from jazz to Kuchipudi, “Asian American” encompasses a vastness of cultures ranging from Korean adoptees to South Indians living in the U.S. The Asian-American […]

Dance Schools Are Updating Their Dress Codes to Become More Inclusive

Catalyzed by the national reckoning on racial injustice last summer, much of the dance world began to ponder some tough questions, one being: “Who does traditional dancewear leave out?” Brands heard the growing calls for a greater range of options and have begun producing and promoting new lines of flesh-tone shoes and tights. Meanwhile, dance […]

Choreographer Sorah Yang Raises Her Voice Against Stereotypes of Asian Women

Although choreographer Sorah Yang travels the world teaching her power-packed style of hip hop, runs her own company and was featured by Dance Magazine as one of our “25 to Watch” this year, she is often underestimated because of the way she looks. Throughout her career, she has spoken out against the racism and misogyny […]

What To Do If You Encounter Racism On Campus

U.S. college dance curriculums have long been criticized for being too Eurocentric, emphasizing Western techniques like ballet and modern while making culturally diverse dance classes optional (if they’re offered at all). In these academic systems that elevate whiteness, dancers of color don’t always feel welcome. Some face daily microaggressions from peers and faculty, casting discrimination […]