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A Dancer’s Guide to Healthy Eating While Healing

A healthy approach to eating during recovery involves an abundance and a variety of foods that offer the body tools to support tissue repair, muscle building, energy replenishment, and immunity. In addition to nutrition, it’s important that dancers focus on mindset—and the ability to stay motivated and confident—during injury recovery.

Build a Better At-Home Set-Up: Top Training Essentials & Recovery Tools

For Strengthening Sure, exercises on the OPTP BOSU Elite make for impressive Instagram content. But more importantly, they help with everything from strengthening your ankles and core to improving your overall balance and stability. $199.95, optp.com To make the most of your stretching, FLX Flexistretcher’s adjustable (and compact) resistance straps can be used to work […]

How to Harness the Latest Wellness Trend: Recovery

Recovery routines have gotten much more elaborate recently: We use high-tech gadgets to reduce soreness, take fitness classes dedicated to rest, wear trackers that monitor our sleep.It isn’t just a fad. Recovery is a key variable in the “performance equation,” says Andrea Kozai, who studies exercise science and dance as a doctoral researcher at the […]

Is Jell-O the Secret to Better Recovery?

Jell-O isn’t typically considered a health food. But its main ingredient—gelatin—has become the latest trend in sports nutrition. As it turns out, emerging science suggests that gelatin could have real benefits for recovery after long hours in the studio. You’ve probably heard that collagen can improve the health of your skin and hair. But it […]

Could Compression Therapy Make You a Better Dancer?

Have you ever felt like certain footwear gives you wings? The makers of Apolla Shocks, a dancer-specific version of compression socks, say some dancers feel like they can jump higher when they’re wearing them. “What’s happening is they’re more aware of their feet,” says co-founder Brianne Zborowski, “and the compression is helping activate intrinsic muscles […]

Headed Toward Burnout? Here's How to Rethink Your Work Ethic

After reading your column I now understand the problems of being a workaholic. My dilemma is that the dance teachers in my BFA program praise an extreme work ethic and use me as a role model for other dancers. How can I give my body a break? —Burned-Out Dancer, New York, NY Why not rethink […]

Sidelined by Injury? Try This Tip to Put Your Recovery in Perspective

I thought I’d be fine after undergoing successful surgery to repair a torn ankle ligament. Instead, I’m depressed and hopeless that I’m still not able to perform. My therapist tells me I’m making good progress, but I don’t see it. Why not? —Ashley, San Francisco, CA You’ve fallen into a common trap—comparing your dancing to […]

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