Build a Better At-Home Set-Up: Top Training Essentials & Recovery Tools

September 4, 2021

For Strengthening

Sure, exercises on the OPTP BOSU Elite make for impressive Instagram content. But more importantly, they help with everything from strengthening your ankles and core to improving your overall balance and stability. $199.95,

To make the most of your stretching, FLX Flexistretcher’s adjustable (and compact) resistance straps can be used to work on flexibility and strength. $59,

Kathryn Morgan developpes to the side holding a barre, with a band wrapped around her raised foot and opposite shoulder

Dance Kathryn Morgan using FLX Flexistretcher’s resistance straps
Courtesy Flexistretcher
Ken Montes de Oca using BurnBarre
Courtesy BurnBarre

For Training

Whether you’re still training via Zoom or the pandemic has made you value having your own (albeit smaller) space to dance in, it’s worth investing in the right flooring. Trusted brands like Harlequin and Gerstung offer a range of floors that can be put away between uses. Lay down the right surface in any smaller space with a marley dance mat or tap mat from a company like Stagestep. If you want to keep your setup minimal, BurnBarre’s portable barre takes up less than two feet of space.,,,

For Relaxing

CBD formulas have quickly gained popularity among athletes for pain relief and relaxation. Try a soothing recovery balm for sore muscles and joints, like Miraflora Naturals’, which combines pain-relieving organic hemp flower oil with aromatic essential oils, hydrating shea butter and extra-virgin coconut oil. Or, get a better night’s rest with Receptra Naturals’ CBD-infused gel capsules that have been formulated with calming valerian root and chamomile. $25,; $69.99,

Dr.’s Remedy Fearless Foot Finisher
is a roll-on balm that makes pampering your feet completely mess-free. Antifungal and antimicrobial ingredients like tea tree oil and eucalyptus are paired with a deodorizing blend to help prevent athlete’s foot, while shea butter, cocoa seed butter and mango butter help nourish and hydrate. $19.95,

Pill bottle with the text Rest for Nighttime, 25 mg/dose

Receptra Natural’s CBD-infused gel capsules
Courtesy Receptra

The entire skin-care line from Jordan Samuel Skin was created by a former Pacific Northwest Ballet corps member with dancers (and their unique skin challenges) in mind. The Soothing Facial Oil helps irritated skin, thanks to its blend of calming and protecting ingredients, like cranberry seed oil, CoQ10 and soybean extract. $33,

A pair of woman's legs on  pointe in pink tights covered with thigh-high pink legwarmers

Apolla’s K-Warmers
Courtesy Apolla

For Recovering

The handheld massager ExoGun DreamPro includes six speed settings and four attachments so that you can target specific muscle groups—from your neck to your hip flexors, and even your feet. $159,

Like Apolla’s game-changing socks, The K-Warmer legwarmers use Kinesio compression, this time to support the larger muscles and joints of the leg. You can wear these during training, or pop them on after a long day to reduce swelling and enhance recovery. $40,