An Asian man sits on a stool at the front of a ballet studio, wearing a mask, clapping his hands together.

How to Cope With Summer Intensive Rejection

There’s something uniquely crushing about summer intensive rejection. Perhaps it’s because it’s the first time many students have ever experienced this kind of rebuff. Or perhaps it’s simply hard to not think, If I can’t even get into the summer program, how am I ever going to be good enough to make it in dance?

What I Wish I Knew About Getting Rejected from Summer Intensives

I’ve never been much of a crier, but there was one part of my life that pretty consistently involved tears: summer intensive audition season. Rejection is never pleasant. But rejections from summer programs can feel particularly gut-wrenching. In a classic case of catastrophizing, I remember always thinking, If I can’t even get into this summer […]

What to Watch: This Short Film Celebrates the Dancer in All of Us

As we approach Thanksgiving, there’s much to be grateful for. Perhaps one of the most important things on your list is dance. Whether you’re a full-time company member, an aspiring professional, an audience member, or you simply delight in dancing in your daydreams, this art form is a creative escape. That’s not to say that […]

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