What These Five Choreographers Actually Think of Their Reviews

Love them or not, reviews are part of the ecology of being a dancemaker. Critical writing can validate, illuminate or sometimes get in the way of an artist’s creative process. We spoke with five choreographers about their relationship to reviews. Sergio Trujillo Sergio Trujillo understands that Broadway reviews function differently than concert dance reviews: Although […]

The Feminine Critique

Women make up the vast majority of the dance world. Yet it’s no secret that they’re routinely passed over for leadership positions and choreography commissions, confronted with sexism in the studio and stymied by expectations of how female artists should look and behave. Here, 10 industry leaders open up, candidly sharing their stories, and offering […]

ADF to End Its 2016 Season in NYC

ADF will present Rosie Herrera’s work in NYC this August. Here, Herrera working with Ballet Hispanico in 2014. Photo by Moris Moreno. Last week, we announced that Jessica Lang will create a home and dance center in Long Island City, just a subway stop away from Manhattan. Now another organization is spreading its roots to […]

Tropic Zone

Inside choreographer Rosie Herrera’s surreal take on femininity for Ballet Hispanico   Ballet Hispanico’s Vanessa Valecillos, Christopher Bloom and Johan Rivera Mendez (kneeling), rehearsing Show.Girl. All photography by Moris Moreno.     “Being a Latina informs my ideas of femininity, of romance, of family. Growing up watching telenovelas shapes your ideas of drama.” —Rosie Herrera […]

Inside DM

How do you fit into the dance world? For some of us, the answer’s obvious. But more often, it takes years of experimenting before we find the sweet spot where our passions and talents collide. This month’s cover girl, Celia Rowlson-Hall, has discovered a place in the dance field that might be all her own. […]

New York Notebook

Stuffing Her Face—or Her Soul Picky or piggish, the act of eating has yielded plenty of ingredients for Miami-based choreographer Rosie Herrera to stir into Dining Alone. Premiered at American Dance Festival in 2011, the piece has been reworked to bring to Baryshnikov Arts Center April 18–19.  The episodes here—with their obsessive and entrancing moves—turn […]

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