“Sweat Drought”

Actor and storyteller Christopher Rivas created this short film, “Sweat Drought,” about our need for movement and release after all the overlapping traumas and pent-up frustrationsof the pandemic. Set to a mix of recorded dance footage and submitted videos from the community, Rivas reads this moving essay he wrote: As a child I often watched […]

What Makes a TikTok Dance Go Viral?

Kara Leigh Cannella, a senior dance major at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, was scrolling through TikTok one day this fall, when she came across a sound that caught her attention. It was a 15-second clip called “HOOPLA,” by the user known as @kyleyoumadethat, and it instantly made her want to dance. She […]

Post-Election Dancing Erupts in Streets Throughout the Nation

Dance has long been used as a powerful form of protest. So it’s all the more meaningful when that movement shifts from fighting oppression and injustices to celebrating a victory over them. That’s exactly with happened this weekend as people took to the streets when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were announced president- and vice […]