Aspiring Choreographers: Here's How to Get the Most From Your College Program

Most university dance programs focus on the performance part of the industry. But some students would rather see their choreography onstage than be up there themselves. For aspiring dancemakers, making the most of a college program takes some careful strategizing. Embrace What Your Program Has to Offer Even departments that don’t focus on choreography offer […]

Everything You Need to Know About Studying Arts Admin in College

There’s so much more to the dance world than making and performing dances. Arts administrators do everything from raising money to managing companies to building new audiences. With the growing number of arts administration programs in colleges, dancers have an opportunity to position themselves for a multifaceted career on- or offstage—and to bring their unique […]

The 100 Best Performing Arts Programs: Who Made the Cut?

When I was in high school, I visited the college counselor’s office with other students to talk about what we wanted to major in. One by one, she asked us about our plans. “Teaching? Great, here’s a list of top programs nearby.” “Engineering? Fantastic, check out these resources.” “Dance?” Cue, the chirping crickets. (Thankfully, my […]

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