Medium group of teenage girls practicing ballet moves

Get the Nitty Gritty: Build Personal Grit to Propel Your Goals

Grit is more than a grain of sand—it’s a powerful state of mind that can help propel your dance career. In psychological terms, grit is “the combination of passion and persistence towards long-term goals that are personally meaningful,” says Dr. Imogen Aujla, a dance psychology researcher, coach and lecturer. Building your own wellspring of grit […]

How to Find Your State of Flow

Even if you’ve never heard of flow, you’ve undoubtedly experienced it. According to psychologist Mihaly Csíkszentmihalyi, who coined the term, flow is the blissed-out state of being fully absorbed in a rewarding task that’s challenging yet doable. In flow, self-consciousness disappears, as does the sense of time passing. If you’re like many dance-world professionals, flow […]

The Stress/Injury Connection

If you’re sitting out of rehearsal today, chances are you’re not alone: Dancers are among the most frequently injured of all athletes. The long hours of training, along with repetitive and wide-ranging movements, put dancers at an exceptional risk. But knowing you’re not the only one on the sidelines doesn’t make it any easier. “Dancers […]

Your Body Tips

Snack Smarter No matter what your New Year’s resolutions are for 2015, there’s no need to deny your sweet tooth. The next time a dessert craving hits, whip up this chia seed pudding for a tasty treat that’s filled with fiber, calcium and even some protein. It takes only a few minutes of prep time, […]

Your Body: Can Crunches Fix Bunions?

How cross-training your core, hips and calves can help Photos by Jayme Thornton, modeled by Eva Solnick of Joffrey Ballet School Leanna Rinaldi never expected demi-pointe to be the most difficult part of her first season with Miami City Ballet. But a painful bunion on her left foot made one of the most basic steps […]

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