a male coach standing at the edge or rink

How Three Dancers Became Figure Skating Coaches and Choreographers

Like dance, figure skating blends both athleticism and creativity: Skaters perfect highly technical maneuvers like triple Axels and upright spins, often while weaving a narrative into their programs. To develop the lines, control, and artistry needed to execute a winning program, many competitive skaters rely upon the skills of dance coaches and choreographers.

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8 Questions to Ask When Considering a Pre-Pro or Trainee Program

For ballet dancers looking to bridge the gap between school and company life, a pre-professional or trainee program is a logical step. These programs offer technique class alongside the chance to learn repertory and experience a professional dancer’s rehearsal schedule—occasionally with the promise of joining the main company by the end.

a female dancer wearing a purple tutu performing an assemble on stage.

How to Become an Arts Multi-Hyphenate

What does it take to become an arts multi-hyphenate? A healthy amount of initiative, a willingness to train and work in new ways, and an under­standing of how the same skills honed in the studio can be valuable in other fields.

four dancer dancing outside in a field of grass

Three Founders on Starting an Artist Residency

Thinking of starting an artist residency? Cheney, Teresa Fellion, of Middlebrook Arts Research + Residency Center in Jefferson, New York, and Mari Meade, of Moulin/Belle in southwestern France, share their experiences—and what they’ve learned along the way.

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Make a Five-Year Plan to Help Demystify Your Career Shift

After studying at the School of American Ballet for a decade and dancing with American Ballet Theatre for five years, Eleena Melamed knew she needed a change, but she wasn’t sure what. Now a managing director and head of strategic
operations at the investment firm The Carlyle Group, she credits forming a five-year plan for her successful career change—and she wants other dancers to do the same.