a female dancer on a pilates reformer lifting her hips off the table with her legs in a split

Why Dancers Make Great Pilates and Gyrotonic Instructors

Dancers tend to demonstrate Pilates exercises exceptionally well as a result of their training, conditioning, and awareness of the details of movement. Bryant has found the deep knowledge of the body and of movement patterns she developed as a dancer to be indispensable in teaching Pilates.

two male dancers and one female on stage extending their leg a la seconde

What to Consider Before Auditioning for a Potential Employer

There are a lot of decisions to make during audition season—and many factors to consider about each potential job beyond whether the dance style is a good fit. Even if you’re sure a choreographer or company is perfect for you, it’s smart to do some additional research before the audition. Going in prepared can help you land on your feet.

College students moving in flat

What to Consider Before Relocating for Your Career

Relocating can be par for the course in any career, but in as unpredictable a field as dance, it is especially common. And while packing up is always a large undertaking, there are some specific realities unique to dancers, as well as considerations to keep in mind when moving—from professional and personal needs to finances, timing, and more.

a female dancer holding a candle while performing and arabesque and being supported by a male dancer while on stage

Lauren Lovette on Her Career Pivot From Dancer to Dancemaker

In 2019, Lauren Lovette seemed to have it all—she was a star principal at New York City Ballet and was Vail Dance Festival’s artist in residence. But inside, she was ill at ease. “I never really enjoyed performing,” says Lovette, now 32. Intrigued by choreography, she had created her first piece, For Clara, three years earlier for NYCB’s 2016 Fall Fashion Gala.

a male coach standing at the edge or rink

How Three Dancers Became Figure Skating Coaches and Choreographers

Like dance, figure skating blends both athleticism and creativity: Skaters perfect highly technical maneuvers like triple Axels and upright spins, often while weaving a narrative into their programs. To develop the lines, control, and artistry needed to execute a winning program, many competitive skaters rely upon the skills of dance coaches and choreographers.

female dancer wearing a black leotard with her arms outstretched side

8 Questions to Ask When Considering a Pre-Pro or Trainee Program

For ballet dancers looking to bridge the gap between school and company life, a pre-professional or trainee program is a logical step. These programs offer technique class alongside the chance to learn repertory and experience a professional dancer’s rehearsal schedule—occasionally with the promise of joining the main company by the end.

a female dancer wearing a purple tutu performing an assemble on stage.

How to Become an Arts Multi-Hyphenate

What does it take to become an arts multi-hyphenate? A healthy amount of initiative, a willingness to train and work in new ways, and an under­standing of how the same skills honed in the studio can be valuable in other fields.

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