four dancer dancing outside in a field of grass

Three Founders on Starting an Artist Residency

Thinking of starting an artist residency? Cheney, Teresa Fellion, of Middlebrook Arts Research + Residency Center in Jefferson, New York, and Mari Meade, of Moulin/Belle in southwestern France, share their experiences—and what they’ve learned along the way.

woman sitting in a chair working on a laptop

Make a Five-Year Plan to Help Demystify Your Career Shift

After studying at the School of American Ballet for a decade and dancing with American Ballet Theatre for five years, Eleena Melamed knew she needed a change, but she wasn’t sure what. Now a managing director and head of strategic
operations at the investment firm The Carlyle Group, she credits forming a five-year plan for her successful career change—and she wants other dancers to do the same.

male instructor teaching tap class

The Dos and Don’ts of Breaking Into Adjuncting

The college dance scene can be a great resource for early-career choreographers looking to dip their toes into teaching or make new work on students, as it usually comes with a flexible schedule and considerable artistic freedom.

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