The #ArtisticChallenge Takes Over

March 29, 2015

There’s a new meme taking over my Facebook and Instagram: the artistic challenge. (Though there seems to be discrepancy over what it’s actually called. The artist challenge is a contender, too.)

I’m sure you’ve seen it by now. You post one arts-related photo every day for five days, nominating two other artists per post. Most people give some kind of explanation as to why the photo is so significant to them, and nominate someone integral to that time in their lives. It’s created quite a buzz in the dance community, and is especially fun because all the dance stars are participating, too.

At first, the concept might sound kind of vain. Like, “Okay, let’s show off my pretty feet for five days.” But when you see what people are actually posting, it’s quite the opposite. Dancers that partcipate end up celebrating other dance-peoples that they’ve worked with. And it turns into something of a career timeline. There are throwback shots, milestone moments and the friends, colleagues and teachers that made all of it happen along the way.

Among my favorite are…

Wendy Whelan, just hanging with famous choreographers, including Jerome Robbins.

Kyle Abraham, before we was a MacArthur Award-winning choreographer.

And even our very own, Wendy Perron!

I was nominated by one of my former modern teachers the other day. I think I’ll participate, if anything, just to thank her for helping me get to where I am today.