The Latest: In the Works

June 26, 2014



The plot of High Strung, to be released in the summer of 2015, doesn’t stray far from that of most commercial dance movies. Ruby, a ballet dancer from the Midwest, moves to New York City to study at a prestigious arts conservatory, where she falls in love with a hip-hop violinist; the two cross creative lines when they team up with a break-dance crew for a big competition. What is unique is that choreographer Dave Scott, who has worked on the Step Up series and “So You Think You Can Dance,” has chosen a classical super talent as the lead: the Mariinsky Ballet’s American-born Keenan Kampa. TV alums like Ian Eastwood (“America’s Best Dance Crew”) and Comfort Fedoke (“SYTYCD”) will round out the cast.



Above, left to right: Kampa working through choreography with Scott; With director Michael Damian. Photos courtesy
High Strung.