The Latest: In the Works

April 28, 2014


Second City’s Billy Bungeroth (right) guiding an improv exercise with Hubbard Street. Photo by Todd Rosenberg, Courtesy Hubbard Street



Contemporary dance often has a serious tone, but Hubbard Street Dance Chicago isn’t above a little humor. The company is currently working on an evening-length piece with The Second City, Chicago’s career-launching comedy group that boasts alums like Tina Fey and Steve Carell. The product will be a series of sketches by three Second City writers and a team of Hubbard Street choreographers, directed by Second City’s Billy Bungeroth. “It’s been a big learning process,” says Hubbard Street artistic director Glenn Edgerton. “The dancers are using their voices, mimicking and interpreting. Dancers often improv with choreographers, but this is not the norm.”