The State of Dance

February 21, 2012

Welcome to Dance Glance, our new daily blog on what’s happening in the dance world, to be written by Dance Magazine editors.

This Sunday, Dance/NYC is presenting an all-day symposium of the state of dance, and it’ll be live tweeted. Andrea Miller of Gallim will be giving a workshop. (She is utterly fabulous as you can see from our behind-the-scenes video.) The full day is called the “State of NYC Dance Symposium,” but it will have a global component. I’ll be speaking in the “Meet the Press” panel at 12:30 and I can guarantee that the issue of out-of-control snark in dance criticism will come up. Others on my panel are Brian Seibert, Gus Solomons, Robert Johnson, and Lane Harwell of Dance/NYC, moderated by Jamie Bennett of the NEA. There will be blogging in the “People’s Press Room.”  It’s sold out but you can participate on twitter with hashtag #dancesymp. You can follow @DanceNYC and @flashlane, and my twitter handle is @wperrondancemag. —Wendy Perron



Photo of Andrea Miller by Matthew Karas.