Those Next Four Years…

September 11, 2012

Can I keep dancing and go to college? As the academic year starts up again, that’s the question on a lot of high school dancers’ minds. At this point, the next four years—and beyond—probably feel like a vast, unsolvable mystery: Which dance program would be best for me? How does the audition process work at different schools? Do I want to pursue a B.A., a B.F.A., or just dance for fun? And if I decide to get a dance degree, what can I do with it?

The latest edition of the Dance Magazine College Guide, now available here, responds with an emphatic “yes” to that first question and helps you find answers to the others. With profiles of more than 600 college and university dance programs (both undergraduate and graduate), articles on everything from pre-college intensives to financial aid applications, and a thorough, step-by-step “College Prep Timeline,” it’s a must-have companion for any dance student who’s wondering “What’s next?” and for the teachers and parents assisting them in the college search.

For college-bound dancers in the New York area, another great resource is “Dancing Through College and Beyond,” hosted by the Brooklyn-based organization Dancewave on October 28 at Marymount Manhattan College. The event will feature panel discussions (where you can hear from Dance Magazine’s own Wendy Perron), classes, networking opportunities and one-on-one meetings with college dance representatives. Registration is open here.