Travis Talks the Emmys

September 18, 2013

Set your DVRs: The Primetime Emmy Awards are this Sunday evening! Now, if you’re thinking, Wait a second…what does this have to do with dance? Don’t choreographers get their awards at the Creative Arts Emmys that happened last week? Well, for the first time in Emmy tradition, the answer is no! It’s all happening Sunday night.


To mark this historic event, the nominees (Travis Wall, Derek Hough, Allison Holker, Warren Carlyle, Sonya Tayeh, Mandy Moore, and Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo) have joined forces to create a giant dance number during the broadcast. I caught up with Wall, a three-time nominee, to talk about the big night.


What can you tell us about the production? I’ve read that it centers around the host, Neil Patrick Harris.

It’s quite crazy. It’s three minutes long and there are a lot of costume changes. We’re hoping that by Sunday it will all work out! There are about 28 or 30 dancers in the piece, including some of the choreographers. The number starts off with Neil but it’s more about showcasing the choreographers and some of the nominated TV shows. We’re really celebrating great television. It’s fun, and I think that if you’re fans of the TV shows, you’ll be a fan of what we’ve done with each section.


What are some of the shows you watch religiously?

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan. I love True Blood, and I’m really into Orange is the New Black on Netflix. I love Family Guy; Saturday Night Live is always classic. And I never miss Project Runway. I’ll be representing Game of Thrones during the show.


It’s pretty remarkable that choreographers are finally being recognized during the show.

Yes, it’s a huge step for the dance industry. And for choreographers and dancers to be seen on the same level as directors or supporting actors, to receive the same recognition, it’s amazing. We’re lucky to be the first bunch. I do hope we do a great job with this number so that no one is disappointed and that every producer from here on out will keep the category in the broadcast every year.


Not even at the Tony are the choreographers recognized on TV—they save us for the commercial breaks.

I think they’ll get a wake up call.


So, being at the main event…you get to walk the red carpet! What are you wearing and who is your date?

Giorgio Armani. And I’m bringing my boyfriend Dominic [Palange] and my mom Denise [Wall].


Which celeb are you dying to meet?

Truly anyone from Modern Family. I know Jesse [Tyler Ferguson] pretty well, so I’m hoping to ask him to introduce me to every one of his friends. And anyone from Game of Thrones. I’m obsessed with the show. I watched the entire series in a week and a half.


Lastly, who do you think will take home the Emmy?

I think Derek is the front runner. He has a huge budget for all of his routines on Dancing With the Stars—they really go all out on that show. I think I have a good chance [laughing]. But, this is my third time back, so I’ve learned never to expect anything. I’m going for the party, the fun, and the honor of being nominated.