Trisha Brown Steps Down

January 31, 2013


This week’s archive photo is Trisha Brown in her Pamplona Stones (1974), photo by Johan Elbers. Trisha Brown is stepping down as leader of her company due to health issues, but the company plans a three-year farewell tour (similar to the Cunningham company’s Legacy Tour) and Brown’s works will continue to be licensed. This weekend at BAM the company is performing her last two pieces  as well as the 1966 Homemade, danced by Vicky Shick. Tomorrow at 5:00 there will  an Iconic Artist Talk on Trisha Brown with presenters Stephen Petronio, John Rockwell, and Dance Magazine’s Editor in Chief Wendy Perron. Info here. 

For more about Brown’s departure and the company’s plans, see The New York Times article here