Two Truths and a Lie: Breaking Pointe Ep.205

August 19, 2013

Last night’s episode of Breaking Pointe was one that we were waiting for. Cat fights, petty drama, strippers, binge drinking—all were absent from episode 5, and for the better. That’s not to say we got to see a lot of dancing during this contract-based episode. We did, however, get a special cameo appearance: Katie Martin! Everyone’s favorite best friend with cute bangs was back in Salt Lake City, visiting her boyfriend Ron Tilton from the far away Ballet Idaho.


To celebrate Katie’s return, the young artists of Ballet West threw a party at fellow corps dancer Joshua Whitehead’s house. Here we learn that attendees including Beckanne Sisk, Chase O’Connell, Zach Prentice, and Ian Tanzer all know how to get down—and without booze! The whole shindig—complete with a dancing game(?)—reminded me of an early-in-the-year college party, perhaps during orientation in front of your R.A.s. (ahem, Allison and Rex.) And since many college students nationwide are headed back to school this week, I’d like to play one of my favorite orientation games: Two Truths and a Lie. I’ll make three statements about BP episode “Fighting Tooth and Nail,” and it’s your job to figure out which one isn’t true.


1. Leaving Ballet West 2

    a. Ian has a pretty major upper thigh tattoo.

    b. Adam says that Ian has an ideal body for his company: long, lean, and a nice face.

    c. Ian gets a contract to Ballet West.


2. Promotions

    a. Rex Tilton gets promoted to soloist.

    b. Despite her yawning in rehearsal, Beckanne gets promoted to soloist.

    c. Josh maintains his rank as an apprentice.


3. Young Love

    a. Beckanne and her boyfriend Chase go skiing.

    b. Beckanne really cares for Chase, and she can see a future with him.

    c. Chase tells Beckanne that he doesn’t want to stay in Ballet West’s second company again and will potentially move out of Salt Lake City.


4. Older Love

    a. Christiana gives Allison rock-star advice about Detroit-based boyfriend Jonathan’s unsupportive-ness. “He shouldn’t be making you limp away from the building,” she says about Jonathan’s wish for Allison to retire. “He should be there holding you up.”

    b. Rex and Allison rekindle their romance after Katie Martin’s return party.

    c. When Rex tells Allison that he’s proud of her for getting a promotion and that she deserves it the most this year, you want to jump through the TV screen and hug him.



    a. Beckanne is the “understudy of the understudy” for the role of Cinderella.

    b. Rex’s foot has healed and he’s working to make sure his stamina is up for the ever-taxing Ashton ballet.

    c. Zach is approaching his diet in the right way.




The Lies:

C. Ian does not get a contract with Ballet West. (It goes to Zach.) But don’t worry Breaking Pointers! Ian lands a job in the corps of Sarasota Ballet. So head to Florida and buy a ticket to SB’s upcoming season, in which you can see Ian perform works by Balanchine, Ashton, de Mille, and others. 


A. Rex does not get promoted…yet. After Adam calls Rex a drama queen in regards to his injury recovery time, Adam says that they’ll revisit Rex’s promotion after Cinderella.


A. You think they go skiing, but in fact, Beckanne and Chase go for a speedy zip-line ride before warming up with a nice hot cocoa in the lodge. Man, Utah looks fun.


All I’m sayin’ is that just because we don’t see it happen on screen doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t happen in real life.


C. Zach says that he is on a diet of 1,000 calories a day. No, this is not smart. He’s basically starving himself. Plus, he says that he’s not eating carbs to reduce his cellulite. Oh, poor, sweet(ish) Zach: Just because you didn’t graduate high school—remember his lame excuse for not knowing who Napoleon was?—doesn’t mean you can pretend not to know how to take care of yourself.


For starters, read this article, “Smart Slimming.” In it, you’ll learn an approximate calorie count that might be right for you, and that dipping below 1,200 calories a day is dangerous because you’re not giving your body what it needs. (Plus, your body will think it’s starving and will stop burning calories.) Also, you’ll learn why you should not cut out whole food groups like carbs. In fact, these are the carbs that you should be eating.


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