Using Dance to Heal

September 10, 2012

They say the heart is the only instrument that still works when it’s broken. September 11th is a difficult day for New Yorkers – and the rest of the country. It is also a day to reflect and continue to heal. One way through grief is to hold tight to hope for a better future and that’s what the Table of Silence Project 9/11 represents.

This morning at Lincoln Center Buglisi Dance Theatre gathered 100+ dancers from NYC companies and schools to join them in a free outdoor performance. Dressed all in white, the dancers filled the square with movement of love. The piece is a remembrance for those lost and, as the company describes it, “a ritual movement for peace – a poetic call for tolerance.” The dance was timed to finish at 8:46 am, the instant the first tower was struck.

If you get a chance to dance today, take a special moment to feel whatever you need to. And be thankful you can.