Velocity Rings In the Fall Season

August 21, 2014


zoe | juniper. Photo by Tim Summers.



Sadly, summer is coming to an end. Happily, Seattle’s Velocity Dance Center is planning an entrancing entrance into September. Their Fall Kickoff—the Seattle Dance Showcase—combines replays of hits from the last year with previews of what’s to come. As Gigi Berardi wrote in our pages three years ago (“Seattle Takes Off”), the Pacific Northwest dance scene is “vibrant, innovative, and inclusive.” The three-day series presents 17 artists and companies including zoe|juniper (read Zoe Scofield’s Quick Q&A), Heather Kravas, the beguilingly androgynous Ilvs Strauss, Kate Wallich and the YC Quickies, Amy O’Neal (see her in action in our “Choreography in Focus”), Alice Gosti, Dayna Hanson (of 33 Fainting Spells fame), the drag performer Cherdonna Shinatra, and a world premiere, Duet Love, by Tahni Holt.

The timing, Sept 5–7, overlaps with Western States Arts Alliance Conference, which is the West Coast version of APAP, aimed to export performing artists of the region out to the rest of the country.

Also on the docket are the Dance Champion Awards, honoring “unsung heroes” who support dance in the Pacific Northwest. Click here for more info.