You HAVE to Watch Keone and Mari's New Videos

June 16, 2016

Your favorite dynamic choreographic duo (that just so happens to be an adorable married couple) has done it again. That’s right, Keone and Mari Madrid, fresh off their hit Justin Bieber video, have taken on what just might be their biggest project yet. The couple, who has become Internet-famous for creative viral videos featuring smooth hip-hop moves, will be releasing one new video a day for 15 days—and the first two have already arrived for your viewing pleasure.

Even the trailer for “Preface,” which they’re calling the series, has that signature Keone and Mari charm. The couple jokes about how they only have one month off between international engagements, but they have 15 videos they want to make:

In the two videos that have been released so far, it’s cool to see how Keone’s and Mari’s styles differ, since their videos are usually so collaborative. Keone and the other men in “I Could Care Less,” to the song by Mar, are hard-hitting but groovy, sultry but slightly goofy.

Mari, with dancers Karen Chuang and Marissa Osato, creates phrases that are quick and super-subtle, each tiny twitch and flick building the emotional intensity in “Make Me Lovely,” by Laura Mvula.

Though neither video has the conceptual brilliance of some of their other projects, both are shot in gorgeous locations and, as usual, the camerawork is seamlessly coordinated with the choreography. And with 13 more videos in the queue, we can only imagine that they’re going to get cooler by the day. The third one should be out any time now, so keep an eye out, and happy watching!

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