Wayne McGregor's New Music Video is Mesmerizing

February 2, 2016

McGregor in April 2013

Wayne McGregor is already well-known for dipping into science and technology in his choreography. And he’s no stranger to working on music videos. But his latest project brings together both in the most mesmerizing way.

The Chemical Brothers’ new video for “Wide Open” (featuring vocals by Beck) gradually turns dancer Sonoya Mizuno—a former Dresden Semperoper and Scottish Ballet dancer—see through limb-by-limb during a four and a half minute one-shot take:

The fascinating effect was created thanks to a motion-capture suit, GoPro cameras, 3D tracking and a whole lot of imagination. But it’s McGregor’s squiggly smooth moves and Mizuno’s liquid, full-bodied performance that make it magic.

Take a peek behind the scenes to see McGregor and the other artists in action:


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