What a (Beautiful) Waste

March 14, 2012

We are thrilled that the story behind dancemaker Allison Orr’s jarringly visceral The Trash Project—in which 24 employees of Austin’s Solid Waste Services Department animate the cranes, lights, and other features of 16 trucks on an old airport tarmac—has been captured in a documentary film. Directed by Andrew Garrison, Trash Dance is receiving accolades right out of the gate; The film floored audiences and won a special jury prize at its world premiere last weekend at Austin’s South by Southwest festival. Orr, who directs Forklift Danceworks and whose site-specific senbilities have taken her from a rollerskating rink in Austin (where the company is based) to the gondola waterways of Venice, revived her visionary piece last August (here’s a tidbit from that month’s “Vital Signs“).



Trash Dance teaser
from Andrew Garrison on Vimeo.



There’s one more chance to catch Trash Dance at SXSW on Saturday—space permitting, tickets will be sold at the door to non-badge/pass holders. The film is slated to be shown at other festivals around the country—we’ll share that info with you as it comes in. —Kina Poon