What DNA's Bankruptcy Filing Means for Dancers…

May 29, 2013



Many of us hear the word “bankruptcy” and shudder at the memory of our siblings’ maniacal laughter as they repossess all of our hard-earned green houses and red hotels in Monopoly. But in reality, filing for Chapter 11—which is what Manhattan’s Dance New Amsterdam announced yesterday—is not something that should worry us. Under Chapter 11 (there are two types for public companies), a business can reorganize its assets while continuing day-to-day operations.


So the good news for us: DNA is thriving, and classes, workshops, and all other programming will continue as scheduled. And as you know, they have a ton to offer. One-hour classes (like floor barre, yoga, beginning pointe, pilates, and more) are only $13 until June 30. Former and current Trisha Brown Dance Company members teach every Wednesday evening, and Cunningham technique classes continue on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Pascal Rioult taught company class at DNA the past two weeks, and Randy James’ company 10 Hairy Legs is on deck for Tuesdays and Thursdays, June 4–13. Looking for a ballet class? I’m partial to Nina Goldman‘s challenging yet body-friendly class on Sunday afternoons. DNA hosts a free class every Friday, and there is So. Much. More. Visit www.dnadance.org—Jenny Dalzell



Photo of class at DNA by Mark Stephen Kornbluth, Courtesy DNA.