What Wendy's Watching: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker Tackles Coltrane

September 24, 2017

New York Live Arts opens its 2017-18 season
with A Love Supreme, a revised work by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and collaborator Salva Sanchis. Known as a choreographer of pure form, pattern and musicality, De Keersmaeker can bring a visceral power to the stage without the use of narrative. She has taken this 2005 work to John Coltrane’s famous jazz score of the same title and recast it for four young men of her company Rosas, giving it an infusion of new energy.

Photo by Anne Van Aerschot

The love that is supreme here could be interpreted as the love between music and dance. One of the Rosas dancers is connected to the pianist all the way through, another to the drummer, another to the saxophonist and the last to the bass player. They each find seamless paths between group choreography and solo improvisation.

Related programing includes pre-show talks with saxophonist Tony Jarvis, and a talk with Bill T. Jones about Coltrane’s influence.