5 Ways to Win Audition Season

January 13, 2016

Get ready: Audition season is starting, and whether you want to land a new job or your dream summer program, the pressure is on. In an ideal world, great dancing would speak for itself. But it’s not always that simple. Try these five tips to increase your odds of success:

  1. Take control of your nerves.
    Yes, the experience of asking someone else to judge you worthy or not can be terrifying. But it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about having the right mental approach.Banish your fear of rejection.Overcome performance anxiety.
  2. Get your body in its best shape.
    If you want to dance your hardest, your body needs to be at its strongest. Don’t wait until the week before the audition to head to the gym. And pay attention to how you’re fueling yourself before dancing.Follow this four- to six-week cardio and strength-training plan.
    Come up with a smart pre-audition meal plan.
  3. Consider your look.
    An audition panel sees many things before you even start to dance: your outfit, your posture, your materials. Make sure you’re broadcasting the message you want to send.What not to wear.Why you need to update your photos and reel. Joe Goode dance workshop at the University of Utah. Photo by August Miller, courtesy Goode.
  4. Think big picture.
    More often than not, your connections will be key to getting an offer, particularly in the professional world. So if you can find a way to get an “in” before stepping in the studio, don’t hesitate.
    How to become a master networker.
    Why you should attend that pre-audition workshop.
    Directors on how they prefer to be approached by dancers. Photo courtesy Broadway Dance Center
  5. Keep at it.
    Rarely do dancers book their dream job or summer intensive the first time around. Whatever you do, don’t give up!Three dancers who found success after years of rejection.
    Improve your audition strategy.