4 Reasons to Eat Cantaloupe This Summer

June 9, 2015

I admit it. When I’m shopping for produce, I almost always pass up cantaloupe. The tough exterior and all the slicing and dicing involved drives me away. But it turns out the work it takes to prep cantaloupe is totally outweighed by its dancer-healthy nutritional benefits. Here are four reasons why I won’t be passing it up on my next trip to the market—and neither should you!


1. One quarter of a medium-sized melon is fat-free and has just 40 calories. 


2. It’s loaded with vitamin C, which plays a role in repairing bones and cartilage. One serving provides 80 percent of your daily needs. 


3. The same amount gives you more than your daily share of vitamin A, which helps the body create and maintain healthy skin and skeletal and soft tissue. 


4. The fruit is high in beta-carotene (which the body converts into vitamin A), a compound that may reduce the risk of cancer.


For an excellent addition to your breakfast or snacks, mix it into yogurt or divide it into generous, packable portions!