Cross-Train For Your Brain

May 13, 2014

With summer layoffs just around the corner, you may be tempted to ditch your cross-training to become a dedicated beach bum. But it’s important to build aerobic conditioning into your off-season, not just to stay in shape, but also to keep your memory sharp. Why? Recently, researchers at Michigan State University found a correlation between physical fitness and the ability to remember information.


The study asked a group of supposedly healthy adults to remember related word pairs, but the findings could easily be applied to remembering choreography. Researchers found that those who had lower levels of aerobic fitness had a harder time recalling the word pairs the next day.


So if you want to avoid a deer-in-the-headlights moment once rehearsals ramp up in the fall, hop on the elliptical or try high-cardio dance fitness classes throughout the summer. With increased stamina and memory, the benefits of your workout are even better than you thought!