Help! I Need a Doc in NYC.

July 3, 2017

I plan on moving to New York City this fall to continue my training and freelance work as a dancer/choreographer. A big concern is whether my health insurance will cover my medical needs for
. Can you give me any recommendations?

—Casey, San Francisco, CA

You’re in luck! The new Friedman Health Center for the Performing Arts recently opened at The Actors Fund headquarters in Times Square. It’s geared toward serving the primary and specialty medical needs of the entertainment community and offers extended hours for performers. They’re also able to refer you to physicians from the extensive Mount Sinai Health System. The center accepts most insurance plans, plus Medicare and Workers’ Compensation. If you need to change your insurance, they can counsel you on your options and help with enrollment, as well. Visit, and breathe easier just knowing this resource will be there when you move.

Send your questions to Dr. Linda Hamilton at [email protected].