Dancers Train Sandra Bullock for Gravity

October 3, 2013

Sandra Bullock is bringing new meaning to the idea of weightlessness in dance. During an interview on the “Today” show, she confessed that two Australian dancers helped her get in shape for her lead role in Gravity, a film about an astronaut who gets stranded in space. Filming included Bullock being submerged in 20-foot water tanks and rigged to wires in front of green screens—all while having to float like Newton’s law wasn’t weighing her down. “They knew what I needed to do to get in shape so I wouldn’t get hurt; so I could do all the wire work,” said Bullock of the dancers. “And I wanted her [the character] to look a certain way.”


So how’d she do, fellow gracefuls? You can be the judge: The movie opens this weekend. And check out the Today interview below:



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