Dancer's Choice: Suzanne Limbrunner

October 31, 2013

Suzanne Limbrunner is Miami City Ballet’s French-loving Wonder Woman


Suzanne is one of MCB’s Wonderinas. That’s what she and her group of friends call themselves. “We’re part ballerina, part Wonder Woman,” she says. They meet often to cook dinner and talk about life. “It’s a nice way to bond since our rehearsal days are so busy.” This is the second time Suzanne has been a member of MCB. She joined MCB’s corps in 2003, then moved to France for six years to be in Ballet de l’Opéra National de Bordeaux. She’s back at MCB but still adores all things French, including Evian mineral water and Chanel makeup.


“On days when I can’t bourrée anymore, I put Anbesol on my toe. It dulls the pain.”


“Instead of using paper towels for padding, I use Handi Wipes to absorb the moisture and make the box of my shoe last longer.”


“I have baby-fine hair, so sometimes I wear a donut bun maker. It depends on the ballet and how big the bun needs to be.”


“This wine bag is a great way to keep your pointe shoes together. I mark pairs with numbers or symbols.”


“I give my partners ‘merde’ gifts before a performance: a bottle of wine, book, or card.”


“In my free time I like to bicycle on the boardwalk.”


More favorites:

• Flexistretcher from Discount Dance Supply

• Le Labo’s AnOther 13 perfume

• electronic music

• grilled cheese sandwiches

• Gaynor Minden cap-sleeved leotards


Photo of Suzanne Limbrunner in Balanchine’s
La Valse; photo by Joe Gato, Courtesy Miami City Ballet