Feeling Stressed? Here's What Not to Eat

September 16, 2014

As fall seasons ramp up, so does your dance-related stress. And after a long day of perfecting choreography, finding nuances in your roles and meshing with new company members, it may be tempting to indulge in your favorite comfort foods. But eating high-fat meals after feeling stressed will only backfire when you return to the studio.


In a recent study from the Ohio State University, women were given a meal of biscuits and gravy, turkey sausage and eggs for a whopping 930 calories and 60 grams of fat. Then their metabolism was monitored for the next seven hours, and those who reported feeling stressed the previous day burned an average of 104 calories less than the women who didn’t have any stressors.


The takeaway? When you’re stressed and turn to fatty foods, your body is less effective at converting it into fuel. That means that once you get back in the studio, you’re likely to feel sluggish and tired. Instead of a heavy breakfast, opt for a mix of protein, carbs and fiber to keep you full, focused and ready to attack this season’s choreography.