GoPros: No Longer Just for Snowboarders

January 21, 2015

We all knew it was bound to happen eventually, but now it’s official: GoPros have made their way onto dancers.


These trendy cameras that attach to bodies have recorded nearly every activity from snowboarding to off-road motorcycle racing. Now, they are being used to capture the experience of dancing. There are already some amazing (and odd) videos of dancers with GoPros up on Vimeo and YouTube. But the first performance I’ve heard about that’s incorporating GoPros into the work itself is happening next month in Brooklyn. In NEON BRAVE, four performers from white road Dance Media will each wear a GoPro so that real-time footage can be projected onto the set while they dance. The idea is that the audience will be able to experience the piece from the dancer’s point of view, and be immersed right into the middle of the choreography. Director/choreographer Marisa Gruneberg points out this will be particularly poignant during a nude solo: “There’s no better way to see the body’s full expression, its vulnerabilities and beauties, its guts, than to see it nude and in motion. Being totally nude onstage is bravery in and of itself. Now the audience will experience that bravery as well.”


Personally, what I’d love to see is someone strap one of these on during “Black Swan.” Any takers?