H.I.I.T. It Without Stressing Your Knees

April 14, 2015

High-intensity interval training has been gaining popularity in the fitness world for some time now—and for good reason. This form of cardio involves alternating sets of intense exertion (typically running) with slower recovery for several minutes at a time. Certain studies have even shown that H.I.I.T. can increase one’s health and fitness more quickly than lengthier, moderately paced workouts. (Who doesn’t love saving time?)


But what if you’re a dancer with knee problems or, like many, you’re concerned about putting too much stress on your knees? You can still H.I.I.T. it, but you might want to try lower-impact forms of cardio. For instance, intervals on a stationary bike will certainly get your heart pumping and put less stress on your joints. Just be sure to adjust the seat height so that your knees stay slightly bent throughout your workout. For another excellent alternative, try swimming. Alternate quick laps with easy treading or coasting. Plus, you’ll get the added benefits of resistance from the water.


Why do we love H.I.I.T.? Above all, it mimics the levels of high and low exertion seen in much of today’s choreography and the stop/go nature of class where you do a combination, then wait while another group goes. H.I.I.T. teaches the body how to recover, but more importantly, how to really go for it once it’s time to step onstage.