Live Stream the Prix de Lausanne

January 27, 2015

Next week, ballet’s stars of tomorrow will gather in Switzerland for the annual Prix de Lausanne competition. But just because you can’t travel to Europe doesn’t mean you have to miss out! For the first time ever, a portion of this year’s weekday events will be streamed live online here. Every day, February 2–5, you can catch an hour of behind-the-scenes action, giving you a window into the competitors’ practice sessions. The streams will also include interviews with candidates, teachers, choreographers and jury members.


But the weekend is when the competition really heats up. You’ll be able to watch the selection round on Friday, February 6, followed by the finals on Saturday, February 7. That means free access to each candidates’ classical and contemporary performances!


Hourly streams will run from 4 pm GMT+1 (that’s 10 am EST), with longer streams for the selections and finals. The full streaming schedule is available here