"Love or Ballet" aka "Love or Hate" Breaking Pointe Ep.204

August 12, 2013

Last night Ballet West’s Cinderella saga continued on The CW’s Breaking Pointe. Anyone else feel like there were more commercials than usual? There sure wasn’t more dancing than usual. This week, Allison DeBona goes to visit her wet blanket boyfriend, Jonathan, in Detroit. In not as many words, Jonathan tells Allison that she needs to choose either her career in ballet or him in his scrubs. Oh, what’s that, Allison? You just told your friend Gloria that you’re not even sure he’s fully committed to you? Hmm.


Anyway, the producers called this installment “Love or Ballet,” based on the premise that Allison must decide between the two. I’m going to call this recap “Love or Hate” Breaking Pointe, based on my gut reactions to the fourth episode.


The clips of company class make me want to scream “Dancers do more than stretch and stand around!” I’m getting pretty tired of watching Ian Tanzer tie up his bandana and other dancers massage their calves. At the start of this episode, BW director Adam Sklute calls out, “OK, everyone, 16 leg swings!” But then we don’t get to watch them do it. Producers, please show us more than their port de bras. Is a full-body shot too much to ask for? Who cares what their faces look like; we want to see their legs and feet!  HATE.


In the corps de ballet’s rehearsal for Ashton’s Cinderella, Josh Whitehead and Ian are annoyed that Zach Prentice is carrying on in the corner. Josh says that he can only hope that Adam sees Zach goofing around. Spoiler alert: Sorry Josh, you’re stuck with him. (Or as Zach might say, “Like, sorry, Josh. You’re, like, stuck with me.”)  HATE.


Allison goes to the beauty parlor with her friend Gloria, and they chat about Allison’s possible retirement. Allison tells Gloria about Jonathan’s ultimatum. Gloria says, “I don’t think that’s fair.” Amen.  LOVE.


Ronnie Underwood gets out from behind the desk and back into his natural habitat—the gym. (Un?)fortunately we see more of Ronnie working out than we see Ballet West dancing. (I’m convinced Ronnie’s mantra is GTPT: gym, tendu, physical therapy.) After more than enough gym time, the shirtless beast says, “I can’t wait to get back in that studio—rip my shirt off, get sweaty as hell.” Is there any place he keeps his shirt on?  HATE…with a sprinkle of LOVE.


Zach and Ian go head-to-head in class. Did you catch their dueling attitude turns? Check out the screen shot of their landings (Ian on the left, Zach at right). Who wore it better?


We also see Ian begin to crumble under pressure. After a hard day of pirouettes, Ian tells all in his one-on-one, finishing with the thought “I think that’s why we push ourselves to the brink.” Don’t you mean “breaking point?”  LOVE how the producers “didn’t” plant that one.


Ian says, “I have no idea what’s going on with Chris [Ruud] and Christiana [Bennett].” That’s because it’s none of your business. Nor ours.  HATE.


Rex Tilton is finally cast as Prince Charming! Shocking. But hooray, Rex! Your hard work has paid off.  LOVE.


Can someone turn up the heat in Adam’s office? That way when he’s inside, he won’t have to wear that snuggie with legs around his neck—on top of a zip-up and a tweed blazer. Plus, Allison won’t be freezing when she’s only wearing a backless (and gorgeous!) purple leotard. Oh, right. That reminds me. She gets promoted to soloist! Congrats, Allison!  LOVE.


The boys have a night out at a hookah bar with super classy dancers. Josh is uncomfortable, Ronnie all but makes out with one of the ladies, and it’s a pointless waste of air time.  HATE.


In the preview for next week, Rex asks if Jonathan said anything after Allison told him about her promotion. (He did not.) Rex says, “Well, I’m proud of you.” It’s baffling to me that Allison tries to convince her boyfriend that she is a good dancer and that her career is meaningful. I know this isn’t rare; many women are unfortunately forced to rationalize their careers. But I can’t help but yell at my television screen. “Hello! She’s a soloist in a professional ballet company! She’s on television and she’s been in Dance Magazine!” I’d say this one would be a HATE, but Rex is so gosh-darn supportive of Allison that I forget all about Dr. Detroit.  LOVE.


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