Marcelo Maravilhoso

August 1, 2012

Powerful, with expansive line, and unparalleled theatrical sensibility, Marcelo Gomes is the dancer that everyone wants to dance with, because he supports his partners like no other—and pushes their dancing to new heights. (I could list all of American Ballet Theatre’s principal dancers and many of the soloists here, but I won’t.) If Marcelo is onstage, there is magic happening.


So it came as no surprise (actually, with much glee and, possibly, a few emails riddled with an obscene number of exclamation points) that a documentary film about Marcelo is in the works. From David Barba and James Pellerito, the filmmakers behind the excellent documentary movie and TV series profiling sensational Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir, Marcelo Gomes: The Anatomy of a Male Dancer will include footage from stages and studios around the world, including his hometown of Manaus, Brazil. I was especially thrilled to read (and send more overly punctuated emails) about the fact that his performances of La Bayadère with Diana Vishneva at the World Ballet Festival in Tokyo, happening next week, will be captured for the film. Theirs is a mind-blowing, all-consuming partnership that leaves the audience breathless and often dripping in tears.


Today is the last day to donate to the Kickstarter page for The Anatomy of a Male Dancer, where the pledges go towards funding the travel expenses and equipment to make this film a reality. For $25, you will receive a digital download of the completed documentary, with an estimated delivery date of July 2013. What are you waiting for?


Could Lua be any more adorable?!